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Why Write a Book?

Stephen R. Covey once wrote, ‘Begin with the end in mind’. In any successful endeavour, a clear goal must always come first. In my twenty years’ experience as a project manager, I’ve discovered that if your ‘reason why’ isn’t big enough then you’ll fail. It’s as simple as that!

There are many possible reasons why aspiring authors want to write a book. What’s yours?

As a publisher, I find that most aspiring authors want to become millionaires on the royalty payments from writing and selling a best-seller. Sadly, they’ll be disappointed. In 2006, Publishers Weekly said,

“The average book title in America sells about 500 copies.”

That’s not going to make anybody rich, especially with average author’s royalties sitting way below £3 per copy. So, unless you’re J.K. Rowling, it’s just not worth it! That’s why authors who are motivated by getting rich from book sales often give up.

The answer, for anyone who is a business-owner, entrepreneur or specialist, is to write a STRATEGIC business book. That is, a book specifically designed to attract pre-sold prospects for your business, whilst simultaneously raising your personal profile head and shoulders above your competitors.