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Why Readers Buy Books

Wouldn’t it be useful to know WHY your readers will buy and read your book?

Of course, we’re going to make it easier by assuming that your ideal client is actually your ideal reader.

Aspiring authors may have selected a topic for their book (Secret 1) and they may be clear who their perfect reader is (Secret 2). But if their book doesn’t solve that reader’s problem, then they won’t be motivated to buy or read it (Secret 3).

Unsuccessful authors are seldom clear about what their reader actually wants. So authors end up giving their readers too much information, too little information, or even irrelevant information.

To avoid making this mistake, aspiring authors should focus their book on identifying a significant problem of their perfect reader and promising that their book will solve it. That promise becomes the underlying theme that should recur throughout the book. Simple!

I believe that people don’t just buy books; they buy solutions to their problems. So if an author designs their book to solve their perfect reader’s biggest problem, their prospective clients will definitely want to read it!

My three-step formula for converting a problem into a promise:

  1. Convert your reader’s big problem into a question.
  2. Solve your reader’s problem by answering their question.
  3. Transform your answer into a compelling promise.

What problems do your clients have?

Write them all down and select the big one that keeps them awake at night; the one that they’d pay to solve.