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Who To Write For

Unsuccessful authors often make the mistake of writing for the wrong reader or even for no reader at all!

This means that their message never reaches their intended audiences and they never get the results they’d expected. To avoid this, authors need to have a crystal-clear idea of their book’s target readership. Unsuccessful authors are often too introverted and end up writing their books for themselves and forgetting to consider their readers. People exactly like the author may find such a book interesting. Unfortunately, that means that the book may have a readership of just one!

Successful authors are good at marketing. They are very specific and define all the characteristics of their potential readerships in great detail, so that they can work out why potential readers would want to read a book on the author’s topic. Then they design their book’s title and chapters to satisfy those readers’ exact requirements. The goal is for a book’s target readership to be overjoyed because they have found a book that was exactly what they were looking for.

But to achieve this, you must be focused on a specific type of reader; don’t just aim to please everybody or anybody!

To avoid making the mistake of writing for the wrong reader or for no reader at all, you’ll need to use two techniques.

1. Select the TYPE of reader you want

2. Select the IDEAL reader you want

If you design and write your book strategically, you can even predict what they will need to do after they’ve read your book. That can be a great follow-on business opportunity for an author who wants to increase the quantity of products sold or their number of coaching clients.

In fact, your ‘Ideal Reader’ is actually your ‘Ideal Client/Customer’. So if you write about your ideal client/customer then your book will ‘attract’ that type of reader because they’ll see it’s written about people just like them.