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What’s The First Step to Writing a Strategic Book?

To succeed against all the odds, it’s essential you get off to a good start. That means taking Stephen Covey’s advice; decide on your goals and diligently create a plan to achieve them. So, let’s plan your first step.


Unless you’re gifted, or very lucky, simply starting at line one, paragraph one, page one means you’ll have very little chance of completing your book – you can look forward to procrastination, getting lost or stuck, and finally giving up.

Most authors start with the vaguest of idea of a topic, with no clear idea of who their reader is, or why they would ever want to buy the book in the first place. As a result, they get demotivated and lose heart – and if they do finish, they’ve usually written the wrong book; a book that nobody wants to read!

Having published 29 books already, I’ve discovered that there are seven secrets that every successful author needs to know – but doesn’t.


  1. What to write about
  2. Who to write for
  3. Why readers buy books
  4. How to design their book
  5. When to finish writing it
  6. Where to promote it
  7. Which specialists they need


Do you think it would be useful to know all this BEFORE you start writing? And, if you did know, how much CLARITY would you have achieved?