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ere is just a small sample of our strategic business books. All were published in less than 90 days by The Successful Author. Just scroll down and click on any book cover to visit the author’s page so you can:

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Some Kind Words

  • Kevin has developed a simple strategy to get your ideas organised, your writing done, your deliveries scheduled, and he even guarantees that you’ll hold your published book in your hand within 90 days.
    Martin Cornes, Business Manager
  • Writing this book has been an amazing experience. Not least, because I was a member of Kevin’s fabulous Successful Author Academy. The mutual support and encouragement provided by Kevin and the group really helped me to succeed.
    Helen Turier, Resilience & Wellbeing Expert
  • You combined project planning with right-brain visioning and, with your use of a “future timeline”, was a very effective approach. It really generated motivation to get started on my book.
    Alun Richards, Technical Consultant
  • WHAT? Are you crazy? One day to design my book – and then I will be completely ready to write it? But I was ... and I did! It was nothing short of remarkable. Thank you, Kevin!
    Jennie Harland-Khan, Coach & Mentor