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Client:Rachael Rodgers
Date:January 06, 2012


Rachael Rodgers AffSTEP, MIPW, MSWW

Heir Tight Wills & Estate Planning Ltd. Will Writer & Estate Planner, author of ‘7 steps to Creating an Heir-Tight Will’


or several years I had wanted to write a book to prove my credentials. I did not have a clue how to get started – or finished – so I jumped at the chance when I was referred to join Kevin Bermingham’s publishing programme.

Kevin gave me the confidence to get started, and the guidance to keep me on track to get the whole book drafted in 10 days – at the same time as running my own business. As a result, I held my book in my hands within just 30 days of starting to write!

I now have a great publicity tool to target the media, with a view to becoming the ‘go-to person’ for my subject, and I would never have done it on my own. I would highly recommend Kevin’s programme to anyone who knows they have a book inside them, but needs help in getting it out!