Helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Specialists to Become Published Authors
Client:Martin Cornes
Date:August 25, 2013


Martin Cornes

Author of three books: ‘The Ultimate Profit System’, ‘The Seven Killer Business Mistakes’ and ‘Why Personal Development Doesn’t Work’


t’s often said that, ‘We’ve all got a book within us’. And if you’ve ever questioned the validity of that statement then you need to meet Kevin Bermingham, the ’90-Day Guy’. Kevin has developed a simple strategy to get your ideas organised, your writing done, your deliveries scheduled, and then he’ll ensure you’ll actually hold your published book in your hand – all within 90 days.

If you think that sounds incredible, there’s more. Because along the way, Kevin coaches and mentors you; providing a complete service that’s truly amazing. In my case, after starting off really well, I found myself facing several major technical and domestic challenges along the way. But Kevin’s positive approach, support, and guidance ensured I still finished what I’d started, and all within the 90 days.