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Client:Helen Turier
Date:August 25, 2013


Helen Turier RGN MAR

Resilience and wellbeing practitioner, speaker, trainer and author of four books: ‘Bounce-back Ability’, ‘Get back on Your feet Again’, ‘Managing Pressure & Change Effectively’ and ‘Discover How Your Lifestyle Could Be Killing You’. I’m also the creator of The B.O.U.N.C.E. Model of Resilience


his book would still be in the planning stages if Kevin Bermingham, the ’90-Day Guy’, hadn’t invited me onto his 90-Day Programme.

Writing this book has been an amazing experience. Not least, because I was a member of his Successful Author Academy. Full of brilliant people; each of whom succeeded in writing their own book within the same 90 days. Thank goodness for our Facebook group, those encouraging posts really kept me on track when I needed it most. The mutual support and encouragement provided by Kevin and the group really helped me to succeed.

For me, the most important thing was when I worked out who my reader was in detail. I’d had a rough idea and a lot of passion that I wanted to get my message ‘out there’ but no more than that. The process of getting inside my perfect reader’s head was really useful and it made such a difference to my ability to focus as I wrote my book. If I later got lost and started to waffle, then I just went back to my perfect reader’s profile and refocused myself to write for that person. Very helpful. And now, it’s amazing that the ‘perfect reader’ that I wrote my book for is exactly the person who now buys it. And they even write brilliant reviews for me on Amazon, because my book ‘hit the spot’ for them.