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Some Kind Words

  • My book comprised chapters from 29 different contributors. The project’s success was largely a result of Kevin’s dedication and ability to help people get results fast! He has not just proven himself capable; he has shown tremendous tact and skill in pulling together and managing the work of so many people in an impossibly short period. Kevin, I couldn’t have done it without you.
    Daniel Wagner, Founder of Expert Success LLP
  • All I did was tell some important person that I had just written a book and what the book was about. Now I've just been offered an opportunity to undertake a professional doctorate.
    Ruth Oshikanlu, Midwife & Health Visitor
  • Writing my book has been a “dream come true.” If anyone had asked me if I could write a book 90 days ago, the answer would have been questionable. I never believed I could, but I have! The amazing feeling of holding my completed book in my hand after 90 days – and then selling it – is something special to experience.
    Lynn Tulip, Chartered MCIPD
  • Kevin has created a fine-tuned strategy that takes the hard work out of writing a book for all would-be authors. It takes dedication and commitment from an author and with Kevin’s fool proof plan to follow; you’re well on the road to success, while keeping your sanity!
    Elaine Noble, Certified Life Coach