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ONLINE TRAINING: How to Become a Published Author Without the Pain, Overwhelm and Frustration

nowing the secrets of successful authors will help you to avoid the mistakes made by unsuccessful authors. This FREE WEBINAR is designed to answer those essential WHAT, WHO, WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHICH questions that you must know before you start your book.

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2-Day Author's Masterclass

ompleting all your planning BEFORE you start is the single best way of ensuring you will complete your book. This intensive 2-day weekend workshop is designed to coach you through a unique 7-step process. You can arrive with nothing but a vague idea about a book and leave with a detailed strategy and plan, so you can confidently start writing your book the very next day. You'll leave with a Sure-Fire Strategy, a Bullet-Proof Chapter Breakdown, and a Fool-Proof Writing Plan. What more do you need?

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