Helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Specialists to Become Published Authors

Many people dream of publishing a book that will boost their credibility, change the world or increase their wealth – you may be one of them.


fter seeing so many authors needlessly struggling, and failing, I’ve decided to do something about it. So I’d like to invite you take advantage of a no-obligation FREE 30-minute consultation for aspiring authors. Simply click the menu ‘7 Secrets Book‘ to get your complimentary copy of my 230-page book and I’ll send contact instructions so you can claim your free publishing consultation.

Fifteen to thirty minutes is all it takes and should be easy for you to fit into your day or lunch hour. This initial consultation will not be a “mini coaching” session, the purpose is just to find out what you would like help with. It is free because, at this stage, I don’t yet know what you need, or even if I can help. So there’s no obligation whatsoever, just book a convenient timeslot for a phone or Skype call.


Kevin Bermingham


  • I was immediately booked for a radio interview on my topic of resilience (the ability to bounce back after a setback) as soon as I’d mentioned having published a book on the subject. Not once, but twice!
    Helen Turier, Resilience & Wellbeing Expert
  • Kevin is an excellent coach and mentor and his book accelerator workshop vastly exceeded my expectations. Kevin's skilled coaching enabled me to come up with lots of extra material that will really appeal to my particular niche. I left feeling that the first chapter was virtually written, and that I had a clear structure for the seven remaining chapters.
    Trevor Hoskisson, Hypnotherapist
  • I decided to self-publish my book and I must admit there are many rules and regulations I was not aware of. There were many questions along the day and I turned to Kevin Bermingham for assistance. I found him professional, understanding and a great communicator. Most importantly, he was able to answer all my questions. Excellent knowledge, integrity and clear advice. Thank you Kevin.
    Andrea Basilio, Coach
  • I sent my first chapter to Kevin and then the tears came. It isn't just about writing the words. It's about giving my words wings, and watching them fly!!! WOW! And, THANK YOU!
    Elaine Mace, Coach
  • My book comprised chapters from 29 different contributors. The project’s success was largely a result of Kevin’s dedication and ability to help people get results fast! He has not just proven himself capable; he has shown tremendous tact and skill in pulling together and managing the work of so many people in an impossibly short period. Kevin, I couldn’t have done it without you.
    Daniel Wagner, Founder of Expert Success LLP
  • All I did was tell some important person that I had just written a book and what the book was about. Now I've just been offered an opportunity to undertake a professional doctorate.
    Ruth Oshikanlu, Midwife & Health Visitor
  • Writing my book has been a “dream come true.” If anyone had asked me if I could write a book 90 days ago, the answer would have been questionable. I never believed I could, but I have! The amazing feeling of holding my completed book in my hand after 90 days – and then selling it – is something special to experience.
    Lynn Tulip, Chartered MCIPD
  • Kevin has created a fine-tuned strategy that takes the hard work out of writing a book for all would-be authors. It takes dedication and commitment from an author and with Kevin’s fool proof plan to follow; you’re well on the road to success, while keeping your sanity!
    Elaine Noble, Certified Life Coach
  • Kevin has developed a simple strategy to get your ideas organised, your writing done, your deliveries scheduled, and he even guarantees that you’ll hold your published book in your hand within 90 days.
    Martin Cornes, Business Manager
  • Writing this book has been an amazing experience. Not least, because I was a member of Kevin’s fabulous Successful Author Academy. The mutual support and encouragement provided by Kevin and the group really helped me to succeed.
    Helen Turier, Resilience & Wellbeing Expert
  • You combined project planning with right-brain visioning and, with your use of a “future timeline”, was a very effective approach. It really generated motivation to get started on my book.
    Alun Richards, Technical Consultant
  • WHAT? Are you crazy? One day to design my book – and then I will be completely ready to write it? But I was ... and I did! It was nothing short of remarkable. Thank you, Kevin!
    Jennie Harland-Khan, Coach & Mentor
  • I thought your Strategic Book Accelerator workshop was great! Even better, in just one day we broke the whole book down to the level of detail needed to start writing it the very next day - it was just awesome!
    Alun Richards, Technical Consultant