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Why Readers Buy Books

Wouldn’t it be useful to know WHY your readers will buy and read your book? Of course, we’re going to make it easier by assuming that your ideal client is actually your ideal reader. Aspiring authors may have selected a topic for their book (Secret 1) and they may be clear

Your Ideal Reader’s Profile

1. TYPE OF READER First, you need to determine the type of reader that would find your book topic interesting enough to buy it. Here are some great things for you to consider. Use them to define the general type of reader that you want your book to attract. a) Demographic Profile A de

Who To Write For

Unsuccessful authors often make the mistake of writing for the wrong reader or even for no reader at all! This means that their message never reaches their intended audiences and they never get the results they’d expected. To avoid this, authors need to have a crystal-clear idea

What to Write About

Let’s select three things that are important to you, so we can use them to find a topic based on your own personal values. THE THREE ‘P’s OF PURPOSE When you choose to write a book on a topic that satisfies your values, you can be sure it will be a great topic and worth writing about

What’s The First Step to Writing a Strategic Book?

To succeed against all the odds, it’s essential you get off to a good start. That means taking Stephen Covey’s advice; decide on your goals and diligently create a plan to achieve them. So, let’s plan your first step. ACHIEVE STRATEGIC CLARITY Unless you’re gifted, or very lucky, simp

What is a Strategic Book?

Strategic books are specifically planned and designed to attract more customers for your business. They act like a brochure or business card on steroids. If you write a strategic book correctly, you won’t need to waste time promoting it to earn less than £3 per copy – it will pr

Why Write a Book?

Stephen R. Covey once wrote, ‘Begin with the end in mind’. In any successful endeavour, a clear goal must always come first. In my twenty years’ experience as a project manager, I’ve discovered that if your ‘reason why’ isn’t big enough then you’ll fail. It’s as simple as that! There