Helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Specialists to Become Published Authors
he very best way to attract pre-sold prospects for your business, whilst simultaneously raising your personal profile head and shoulders above your competitors, is by writing a strategic book - but only if it’s done right!

Strategic books are specifically planned and designed to give business-owners, entrepreneurs and specialists an edge over their competitors. It acts like a brochure or business card on steroids. So don’t waste time selling your book, let your book sell you! We can help you plan, publish, and productise your strategic book correctly, so it becomes a laser-focussed marketing tool that gives you more clarity, credibility, and collateral.

We use a proven 3-step strategy, supported by a foolproof project plan, so you’ll get it all done quickly and avoid costly mistakes.

1. Plan to Achieve Strategic Clarity
2. Publish to Boost Personal Credibility
3. Productise to Create Profitable Collateral

Here's how...

How Can Your Success be Guaranteed?

Apart from planning a clear strategy, then creating a great outline for their book using proven techniques, there are three other things that aspiring authors need to organise - three things that will make all the difference.

Next Steps

I always encourage aspiring authors to follow an intensive writing programme, because research shows that people lose focus if things take much longer than 90 days. So we make sure that everything is done on time, every time – and well within that 90-day deadline! Having coached and mentored so many authors already, I know where in the programme they will stumble, so I’ve made sure that we have built-in safety nets to catch them and get them back on track again.

One of the reasons I started coaching aspiring authors was to try to improve on their appalling failure rate. Having discovered The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors for myself, I set out to share my new-found knowledge and to ‘give something back’. I hope you’ll join me on that journey.

You might be wondering what your first step should be. Without a doubt, it is to request your free copy of my book, The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors, from the website’s menu bar. If you like what you read, you will probably wish to accept the offer of a FREE 30-minute publishing consultation that comes with every book.

Good luck!




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Some Kind Words

  • I was immediately booked for a radio interview on my topic of resilience (the ability to bounce back after a setback) as soon as I’d mentioned having published a book on the subject. Not once, but twice!
    Helen Turier, Resilience & Wellbeing Expert
  • Kevin is an excellent coach and mentor and his book accelerator workshop vastly exceeded my expectations. Kevin's skilled coaching enabled me to come up with lots of extra material that will really appeal to my particular niche. I left feeling that the first chapter was virtually written, and that I had a clear structure for the seven remaining chapters.
    Trevor Hoskisson, Hypnotherapist
  • I decided to self-publish my book and I must admit there are many rules and regulations I was not aware of. There were many questions along the day and I turned to Kevin Bermingham for assistance. I found him professional, understanding and a great communicator. Most importantly, he was able to answer all my questions. Excellent knowledge, integrity and clear advice. Thank you Kevin.
    Andrea Basilio, Coach
  • I sent my first chapter to Kevin and then the tears came. It isn't just about writing the words. It's about giving my words wings, and watching them fly!!! WOW! And, THANK YOU!
    Elaine Mace, Coach
  • I thought your Strategic Book Accelerator workshop was great! Even better, in just one day we broke the whole book down to the level of detail needed to start writing it the very next day - it was just awesome!
    Alun Richards, Technical Consultant